new technologies

Innovation to automate procedures involving document generation and traceability. Blockchain, Sensorization and Internet of Things implementation to collect and process data.

Transport and Logistics

Road, railway, maritime and air transportation management. Intermodal transport and supply chain platform development and optimization. Traceability and cargo origin knowledge.


Green economy and H2 improvement. Clean energy traceability and carbon footprint measuring. Mobility and urban transportation smart solutions for electric vehicules.


Safety processes are still paper-made nowadays and documentation is sent to authorities via mail or email. Processes involving different actors, for example, drugs and alcohol investigations, spend about 20 days. With our Safety Management platforms, those processes are made in hours.


Blockchain technologies enhance interoperability between systems and provide a single source of truth, enabling a high level of information integration, while ensuring that information cannot be altered, providing high transparency and auditability, keystones of T&L sector.


Route and Rolling stock Manager, whose purpose is the removal of empty cargo transportation using Artificial Intelligence. Proof of Concept developed with two of the biggest European Railway Undertakings in the Atlantic-Mediterranean Railway Axis.

SARA is an advanced software, Blockchain-based, whose purpose is to define, design and develop all Safety Railway Management System functionalities.

Our team has been developing RSMS (paper) since 2002 and, as result of our experience, we realized there was the perfect scenario for a blockchain-based digital platform, with a very intuitive user interface, that compiles all different modules of a RSMS, having direct connection with railway authorities (European Railway Agency).

SARA is already implemented in some of the biggest European Railway Undertakings and will be installed in Port Authorities over this year.

We offer a tool to digitalize this sector, a very closed and undigitalized sector with a 35 Billion USD market size.

2002: Safety Management System Engineering

2018: Project kick-off and First SARA MVP Development

2020: Implementation in Spain and Germany Railway Undertakings

2021: SARA Phase II. Evolution of the product including technological improvement and commercial expansion

2022: New functionalities added and Europe expansion


Development of consulting projects focused on both Technology and T&L sector. We help companies to address digital transformation and implementation of new tools thanks to our know-how and experience on both sectors, including the implementation of new and disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Robot Processes Automation.


Smart solutions and programming applied to T&L projects. We count with specific staff, that knows all secrets of computation, supported by their high experience in this area. Artificial Intelligence, algorithm development, optimization, cloud services, computer infrastructure development and much more are the fields our software factory dominates, ready to implement digital transformation on your business.


In this everchanging world of technologies we think that building strong partnerships is key to success on project development, with multidisciplinary teams and ambicious objectives only achievable thanks to collaboration and strong team work. That is why we are focused on big digital projects and all along our more than 30 years working on the sectors we have build strong bonds and partnerships.

Néstor Castanedo
T&L Consultancy Manager

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Digital Transformation Manager

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R&D Manager

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Business Advisor

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